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Dec 15

Execute PHP script from command line

After successful installation of PHP on the web servers, many people confuse how to execute PHP script from command line. If you follow auto installation procedure such as yum or apt, then PHP CLI feature should be installed by default. If PHP installation done from compiling source, then there is little steps to follow to …

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Nov 17

Install PHP APC on Linux

This will guide you how to install PHP APC on Centos Linux. You may be aware that APC is little bit older and it is replaced by APCu. If you really need to install APC, most of following steps are same, only thing you have to do it download latest stable APC version 🙂 1) …

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Oct 09

Solved – Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg

Even if you are installed php with gd, error message ” undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg () ” may appear on php. specifically when installing fresh opencart web application you may definitely face this issue as I did. In Opencart installation process, installer itself checks whether gd is installed, but unfortunately not identify the other important packages …

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