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Jul 06

Remotely change local Administrator password on all domain computers

Even computer is joined with domain controller, Sysadmins are used to keep local Administrator account as a backup login account to log into the computer when domain controller is not available. However it is really important to change local Administrator password periodically to comply with company security standards. Manually changing the local Admin password is …

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Apr 21

Automatically Backup MySQL Databases on Windows

Unlike on Linux, when MySQL is running on Windows, most of sys-admins including myself 🙂 found that backup MySQL Databases on Windows is little bit hard. When trying to automate it, then it would definitely become challenge . However there are lots of free and commercial tools are available to automate MySQL backup process on …

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Mar 28

Enable built-in Administrator account on Windows 8

I saw that most of tutorials available on web does not properly guide how to enable built-in Administrator account on Windows 8 . So I thought to write this tutorial to fill the gap of it. So let’s look at how to do it. 1) Add “This PC” shortcut on Desktop this is optional, if …

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