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you are welcome to my new blog !

Here is the story of my blog. Around mid 2011, I started my first blog called Tectute. you can visit it from www.tectute.com .Due to the lack of customization capabilities on BlogspotĀ  and keen interest of experimenting WordPress, I create brand new WordPress blog on May 2014. You are now on my new WordPress blog!.


Here I will publish different articles related to Information Technology and Networking. Mainly focused on
[01] Linux and Windows Server.
[02] Cloud computing.
[03] Cisco Networking.
[04] Database such MySQL, Oracle ,MSSQL etc..
[04] Security and firewalls.
[05] Automation and infrastructure deployment.


Feel free to read them, and don’t forget to put your valuable comments on it. Next goal is make this blog more professional.

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You can find us on Google Plus , Twitter , Facebook and Pintrest Or send an email us at hello[at]tectut.com .


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