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Nov 03

Blocking websites using Zeroshell

zeroshell firewall input chain

The Zeroshell is one of most popular open source router I have ever found. It provides bunch of features such as DNS, DHCP, proxy server facilities like Squid Proxy and Firewall facilities. Here I’m going to share how to restrict particular sites for LAN users using ZeroShell built-in firewall. This method can be used to …

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Jul 21

Block https web traffic using ZeroShell proxy

This time I’m going to demonstrate about how to block https web traffic using ZeroShell proxy.  As POC I’s going to block here. This was done under ZeroShell version 3.3.2 which is most recent version at the time I’m writing. 1) Open firewall menu from web GUI “SECURITY” –> “FIREWALL” 2) Add new rule …

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Jun 20

Zeroshell turns an old PC into a router

Recently I was looking Linux based routing platform, and finally found this great pieces of distribution called Zeroshell . It is Linux distribution for servers and embedded systems which aims to provide network services. It ships with nice web-based GUI which make very easy to administrate over web browser. I had a chance to experience …

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