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Dec 23

Configure NTP server (Chrony) on CentOS / RHEL7

chronyc sources -V

Classic NTP is replaced by Chrony and  CentOS / RHEL7 is no longer use it, instead it’s default is Chrony.  The Chrony is a different implementation of the network time protocol (NTP) than the network time protocol daemon (ntpd)  that is able to synchronize the system clock faster and with better accuracy than ntpd. Here …

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Aug 06

Adding users to Linux EC2 instance and give SSH access

EC2 key pair generator

The default AWS Linux EC2 instances come up with one user account such as centos, ubuntu etc  with sudo privileges. However in complex environment you may be needed add more users to EC2 instance with different privileges. Here we are going to discuss how to adding users to Linux EC2 instance and give SSH access …

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Apr 30

Workaround for scoreboard is full not at MaxRequestWorkers

You are here because your Apache server got hung and error log is full with above “[mpm_worker:error] scoreboard is full not at maxrequestworkers ” error. Unfortunately this is long time reported bug on Apache event mpm which can find at here . since this bug is not yet fixed at Apache event mpm, many experts …

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