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Jul 06

Remotely change local Administrator password on all domain computers

Even computer is joined with domain controller, Sysadmins are used to keep local Administrator account as a backup login account to log into the computer when domain controller is not available. However it is really important to change local Administrator password periodically to comply with company security standards. Manually changing the local Admin password is …

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Apr 27

How to setup home folder to Active Directory user

This article guides you how to assign Home Folder to Active Directory users. Home Folder also called as Network folder in some documents. Home Folder make it easy administrator task by providing users to backup their files some times entire user’s files are residing on single location or NAS. The most useful feature I have …

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Apr 19

Configuring Fine-Grained Password Policies in Active Directory in Windows Server 2012

Those who are novice to the active directory have common question that how to set different password policy for group of users in domain. It is really simple with Active Directory 2012 using fine-grained password policies ,but there are few facts to keep in mind before starting this. * one domain can have only single …

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