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Nov 14

AWS automated ebs snapshots

It is hard to take ebs backup manually each day as system administrator should log in to account daily. This bash script gives the power to automate that process. This automated ebs snapshots generating script reduce administrative task such it can defined how long backup should be kept on AWS account by configuring backup retention …

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May 31

Sending a file as an email attachment using mutt command

In this article, we are going to look at way to sending a file as an email attachment using mutt command on Linux environment. There are many options and commands are available on Linux, but in here, mutt command is used. It is very simple than you are thinking. Try below shell script for that. …

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May 21

export mysql query results to csv using shell script

Awesome, This is my very first post in WordPress blog. Here, I’m going to show you how to export MySQL query results to CSV using shell script. The advantage of using shell script is, you can automate and schedule the report generating process by adding script to cron job. Now I’m going describe above shell …

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