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AWS CloudWatch Apache HTTP monitoring

AWS CloudWatch provides custom metric monitoring. It is very useful when require to monitor performance of the custom application or server. Here we are going to guide how monitor Apache HTTP server performance using AWS CloudWatch custom metrics. All the installation and configuration performed on CentOS, most of the commands work on any LINUX / UNIX like system. If you need more details, you may can visit official documentation. I always try to attach official docs where it is possible.

1) Install aws cli


You can find details guidelines from official documents

Once the installation is completed, you can verify installed version using following command.

2) Create IAM user with “Programmatic access” and assign following policy to the user.


please note down “access key ID and secret access key” which is needed on next step.

3) Configure AWS client


execute following command as root user. you must enter Key ID and secret key. you should enter region name where your EC2 instance is running.
please refer this link to obtain your region name code
you can keep output format as none.

4) Create simple shell script to push data into AWS Cloudwatch


you may can replace localhost with your EC2 instance private IP. Here we are interested to push Busy Workers,Idle worker and Connection Total data to CloudWatch, but there are few other metrics are available on server status page . you can get full list of metrics by visiting http://<your server IP>/server-status?auto


5) Set cron job to push data

setup cronjob to execute above shell script to run every 5 minutes

6) How to view AWS CloudWatch custom metrics

i) Go to AWS CloudWatch

ii) Then select Metrics menu from left hand side bottom.

iii) Select “All metrics” tab , and you can see “EC2:HTTP-Apache” under Custom Namespaces

iv) Example output of the graph is as follows.(you should send data frequently to CloudWatch to generate useful graph)


AWS CloudWatch custom metrics raph

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