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Jan 12

How to Move MySQL Data Directory to New Location on CentOS

In default MySQL installation, Data Directory pointed to “/var/lib/mysql/” . As a best practice, it’s recommended to move Data directory to new location which contains more disk space than default root partition. This tutorial guides you how to Move MySQL data directory to new location on CentOS or RHEL. Even data directory contains data, you …

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Apr 21

Automatically Backup MySQL Databases on Windows

Task Scheduler - Create Task

Unlike on Linux, when MySQL is running on Windows, most of sys-admins including myself found that backup MySQL Databases on Windows is little bit hard. When trying to automate it, then it would definitely become challenge . However there are lots of free and commercial tools are available to automate MySQL backup process on windows. …

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Nov 01

Build MySQL from source on Centos

There are plenty of methods available to install MySQL on Centos. Among those methods, most recommended way is, installing MySQL from standard source distribution, because it will allow to customize the installation as you wish and able to add other modules as well. This tutorial guide you how to build MySQL from source with few …

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