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Apr 14

implementing AnyConnect SSL VPN client

Today I would like to discuss quick way of implementing AnyConnect SSL VPN client using ASDM . Before that let’s go through why need VPN and it’s type in briefly . Why we need / use VPNS it is simple because of C I A (Confidentiality , Integrity of the data, Availability) Types of VPN …

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Feb 13

Configuring NTP on Cisco device

Network Time Protocol also know as NTP is very essential component on networking devices. When devices are growing on the data center, it is not possible to set time manually on each devices. NTP protocol play major role here while setting the time automatically. There are few benefits of having same time on each devices. …

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Jan 14

How to install ASDM in GNS3

Installing the ASDM in GNS3 environment is little bit challenging. The reason is ASDM application cannot be installed just like normal software. Firstly asdm-xxx.bin should be uploaded to ASA Firewall and then continue installation process by downloading special msi file which is given by ASA Firewall. This tutorial guide you how to install ASDM in …

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