Jan 12

How to Move MySQL Data Directory to New Location on CentOS

In default MySQL installation, Data Directory pointed to “/var/lib/mysql/” . As a best practice, it’s recommended to move Data directory to new location
which contains more disk space than default root partition. This tutorial guides you how to Move MySQL data directory to new location on CentOS or RHEL. Even data directory contains data, you can still move it to another location, but you have to be careful if you try this on production environment. Let’s go through it quickly 🙂

1) Prepare new location

2) Find current Data Directory location

you can get it from /etc/my.cnf if it’s defined on. To verify it or it’s not mentioned on configuration file, most probably use default location.
let’s find that out

log into mysql server and run following command

As per above current location is “/var/lib/mysql/

3) Shut down MySQL server

4) Copy MySQL data directory to new location

now new location is /opt/newmysql_datadir/mysql

5) Modify SELinux to allow MySQL to use the different (non default) path

This step is mandatory if your system enabled with SELinux, otherwise you can ignore this step

6) Update new settings to my.cnf

Find the line in the [mysqld] block that begins with datadir=. Change the path which follows to reflect the new location. In addition to that, socket was previously located in the data directory,  we’ll need to update it to the new location

It should like below after updating.

Apart from that we’ll need to add configuration for the MySQL client.  Insert the following settings at [client]  block which is at the bottom of the file.

7) Start MySQL server

If it won’t start  , you may need to troubleshoot by checking  MySQL  error log. You can make comments any issues if you have faced here, I’m always happy to assist you !!

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