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Nov 14

How to pause and resume rsync

Just like any other Linux process, you can pause rsync by sending it a TSTP (polite) or STOP (forcible) signal. On the terminal you’ve run rsync in, pressing Ctrl+Z sends TSTP. Resume with the fg or bg command in the terminal or a CONT signal. To resume the rsync where it is interrupted, make sure …

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Mar 23

Restore missing menu bar in ubuntu 14.04 or beyond

This time I going to demonstrate how to restore missing menu bar in Ubuntu 14.04 or beyond versions. If you have installed latest Ubuntu version, you may experience that menu bar of each applications appears on global menu bar which is on the top of the screen. This is really annoying when need to browse …

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Feb 10

Changing Linux screen resolution in Hyper-V virtual machine

There is no way to change screen resolution of Linux machine which is running on Hyper-V virtual machine. Even if you have installed hyper-v Linux integration software you can’t change the resolution from display settings. Here is alternative method of how to do it quickly. let’s check how to change Linux screen resolution in Hyper-V …

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