Nov 17

Install PHP APC on Linux

This will guide you how to install PHP APC on Centos Linux. You may be aware that APC is little bit older and it is replaced by APCu.
If you really need to install APC, most of following steps are same, only thing you have to do it download latest stable APC version 🙂

1) Download latest APCu


2) Install PHP APCu

latest available version at the moment of writing is 4.0.7 .

Use following command to find out location of php-config file and append that path to –with-php-config .

3) configure PHP with APCu

Open php.ini file and add following line

4) Verification

Restart the Apache server and open phpinfo page. then search apc , phpinfo gives you “apc” as emulated and apcu version. I hope this would help you !!

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