Jan 16

Connecting GNS3 to loopback interface

While working on GNS3, it may require to connect physical interface of machine to activate more advance features. Specially installing ASDM , you definitely need to create MS loopback interface. So I thought to make a quick guidance for those who struggle with connecting GNS3 to loopback interface. At the end I have provided solutions for common issues which I faced connecting GNS3 to loopback interface.

1) Open “Device Manager”

Computer –> system properties –> Device manager

2) Add legacy hardware

Right click on “Computer <name>” then select “Add legacy hardware

Add legacy hardware














3) Follow the Wizard

select “Install the hardware that I manually select from the a list
select “Network adapters


network adapters














Choose Manufacture as Microsoft and select “Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter
then install the adapter, it may take some time to complete.


Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter












4) Assign IP address to Loopback interface

Open Network and sharing center
and assign IP address

ex:- / 24

loopback interface







5) connecting GNS3 to loopback interface

i) Add cloud to GNS3 work area

ii) Right click on cloud select “Configure”

iii) Inside the “Ethernet” tab select your loopback interface and add like below


GNS3 cloud config











Note:- You can connect this cloud to Router , ASA etc, But it is recommended to put Ethernet Switch between device and cloud instead of directly connecting device to Cloud.


Common error and solution


Server error from SW1: unable to create generic Ethernet NIO

Solution :-

1) You need to reboot the computer

2) If step 2 does not work you may be need to reinstall GNS3 🙁


Please put your comments here. I may can help you to fix them !


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