Nov 11

Fixed – missing ifcfg-eth0 in Linux

After fresh Linux installation, specially on  virtual environment such as VM Ware, VirtualBox etc , interface configuration file may be missing on the system. Here I’m going to guide how to fix missing ifcfg-eth0 or network interface configuration file in Linux.

1) Find available physical interfaces

Following command will output all connected physical interfaces.

2) Create interface configuration file

you can obtain MAC of the interface from above “ip addr” and it is “00:0C:29:A6:80:73” so HWADDR value is 00:0C:29:A6:80:73 later this value will be added to configuration file. After that you should generate UUID value for the interface from below command.

vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

below is completed interface config file

3) Activate new interface


Note :- Linux physical interface name varies. It can be ens192 etc.. particularly VM Ware environment. Most important fact is,  Linux is capable to add multiple IP address to single physical interface by creating virtual interface .

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