Mar 23

Restore missing menu bar in ubuntu 14.04 or beyond

This time I going to demonstrate how to restore missing menu bar in Ubuntu 14.04 or beyond versions.
If you have installed latest Ubuntu version, you may experience that menu bar of each applications appears on global menu bar which is on the top of the screen. This is really annoying when need to browse menu items. Fortunately after 14.04 release, it has been included feature called local menu. Let’s look at how to enable it, with 3 steps without installing any software.

global menu ubuntu








1) find “System Settings..

Take cursor to top right hand corner and click on “power button” as below image, and find “System Settings..”.


system settings - Ubuntu














2) From the system settings window, Click the “Appearance”.


Ubuntu Apperance












3) Show the menus for window sub section

Then click on “Behavior” tab, and finally select and save “In the window’s title bar” from “Show the menus for window” sub section.


menu on windows's title bar


















That’s it.  Following screen shot proves it.


Ubuntu local menu







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