Mar 17

How to turn Cisco router into a host or PC

Cisco IOS emulators such GNS3, Cisco IOU are widely used to practicing CCNP, CCIE exam. Those emulators do not have built in features to emulate PC. This article demonstrates how to make PC / host from Cisco router to fulfill emulation requirements.

Following is the my PC / host network interface ip address and default gateway. You might need to adjust it as you required. So let’s look at how to turn Cisco router into a host.
interface :- fa0/0
interface ip :-
host default gateway :-

Router#configure terminal

! Disable ip routing function of the router
Router(config)#no ip routing

! Assuming host  interface as fa0/0 , configure it's ip address (host ip address) and subnet mask
Router(config)#interface fa0/0
Router(config-if)# ip address
Router(config-if)#no shutdown

!set default gateway
Router(config)#ip default-gateway

Don’t forget to copy running-configuration into startup-configuration. Further, to identify this device as host / PC quickly, give meaningful host name such as PC-1 for an example.

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