Feb 27

Amazon Simple Work Flow – shortnote

When I studied for AWS Certified Solution Architecture – Associated exam, both SQS and SWF ( amazon simple work flow ) were little hard for me. After reading numerous online resources and following video tutorials I was able to grab the concept of these two services. So I thought to blog the basic of serive here as a study note. I strongly encourage you to read AWS docs, specially FAQ section (you can learn lot from there) and white papers, If you are planning to take  AWS Certified Solution Architecture – Associated exam. you can find my previous SQS post here.

Basic description of SWF :-  Another distributed service from AWS like SQS. Simple work Flow service is task coordination and state management service for cloud applications.

* Distributed

* Highly scalable

* works with non cloud(local) application or applications in the cloud

* A workflow can consist of human events
ex:- purchased item shipping process at eCommerce web site, such as amazon.com , eBay etc…

* A workflow execution can last up to 1 year

* Guarantees order in which activities / task occur
this is important, SWF guarantees the task order, that SQS DOES NOT.


Compare SQS and SWF

* Both are used to create distributed systems
* Both allow for each “task / component” of the system to be scaled separately
* SQS does have a “best effort” message order (no guarantee about  order) and potentially has duplicates.
* SWF guarantees execution order and uses deciders for next instructions.
* SWF can have a human task as part of the work flow while SQS does not
* SQS message live up to 14 days, but SWF task execution task can last up to 1 year.
* SWF allows for synchronous or asynchronous distributed processing.


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