Mar 28

Enable built-in Administrator account on Windows 8

I saw that most of tutorials available on web does not properly guide how to enable built-in Administrator account on Windows 8 . So I thought to write this tutorial to fill the gap of it. So let’s look at how to do it.

1) Add “This PC” shortcut on Desktop

this is optional, if your desktop has “This PC” shortcut you jump into step 2

i) Right click on Desktop select  “Personalize”

ii) Then click on “Change desktop icons” –> and tick “Computer”.


enable 'This PC' shortcut










2) Open  “Computer Management”

Right Click on “This PC” shortcut –> then select “Manage”

3) Enable built-in Administrator user

Expand “Local Users and Groups” then you can see Administrator user which has following description
“Built-in account for administering the computer/domain”


computer management










By right clicking Administrator user, you can reset the password . Also “properties”  provides extra options of the user such as Enable / Disable user , assign to groups etc. So Congratulation you enable built-in Administrator account on Windows 8  🙂

4) Add new Administrator user

i) Add new user by right clicking the “Users”

ii) Select “Groups” the right click on “Administrators” choose “Properties”
then add existing user to this Administrator group.

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