Feb 15

Hyper-V file sharing between and host and guest

Hyper-V file sharing between and host and guest is little complicated and it is not easy like on Virtualbox.
Here, this article guides one way of doing it. I have attached many screenshots to make it more clear.
for windows guest you can follow the same steps but last step will be little different.
1) Select exiting folder or create new one to share the file between host and guest Linux OS.

2) Right click on folder and find “Sharing” from the menu tab. Then click “Advance Sharing” –> “permissions”,
select Everyone and grant full permission.

sharing properties


3) Go Hyper-V and add ‘external switch’ from “Virtual Switch manager”

virtual switch external


4) Open a command prompt on host (windows server) and find the it’s ip address by using ‘ipconfig’ command

5) Lauch the linux guest and open “Files” , then under the “Network” section click
“connect to server”
you need to type smb://[ip address of your host]/
ex:- smb://

connect to the server





















in the wizard you may need to type host machine username/password. once this is done you can successfully exchange file between host and guest .

windows and ubuntu file shared



that’s it. share this article if it is useful to you and don’t hesitate to put comments at all 🙂

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